12V 100A Power supply
Short circuit, sparking, and heat protection
Also available in 24V 80A and 48V 40A versions.

The user can adjust the output voltage and current between definated ranges by buttons. The min and max values of these parameters and the steps are optional and will be set in the factory up to user requirements.
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Output voltage total range : 5V - 18V
Output voltage adjusting step grades : 0,05V 0,1V 0,2V 0,5V 1V 2V 5V 10V
Output current total range: 10-120A (max 160A/max 30minutes)
Output current adjusting step grades: 0,2A 0,4A 0,8A 1A 2A 5A

Further Technical parameters

nominal input voltage: 230V AC, 50Hz
nominal output voltage: 12V DC
operation ambient temperature: -10C - +40C
operation ambient temperature: max.60C
size: 180*140*267mm
weight: 10,5kg
IP class: 30
protection: Ist class (earthing)
cooling: (over 40 celsius) ventilator

Safety features:
Protected against short circuit and overheat. In case
it overheats, the output current will be automatically reduced.