12V 420A Processor Controlled Load Tester
Processor Controlled Load Tester
Adjustable constant
discharging current 1A - 420A
Discharged Ah measurement

Adjustable cutoff voltage, discharging time
Also available in 24V 100A, 36V 100A and
48V 100A versions.

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General Description
With this processor controlled, easy to use device you can make very accurate measurements, by discharging the batteries with the selected constant current. You can check the battery`s starting ability, whether it could start an engine or not. You can also measure the reserve capacity of any battery. You just have to select the required test parameters (current, cut off voltage, time) and start the test. The tester automatically discharges the battery with the selected discharging current until the selected cut –off voltage. After the test it displays the measured Ah value.

Car generator testing
If you would like to use the device to test a generator, you just have to connect it to the generator, and increase the discharging current while watching the voltage. With this technique it is very easy to measure the max current of any generator.

Technical Data

Adjustable discharging current:
  • 1A-30A with 1A steps
  • 30A – 420A with 5A steps (above 160A discharging current the maximum testing time is 30 sec)
Current stability: better than 2% or + 0.2A

Operating voltage:
  • 8.4V-13.8V 2% current accuracy
  • 7.5V-8.4V and 13.8-16V 10 % current accuracy
Cut off voltage: 7.5V-11.4V with 0.3V steps
Measured voltage: 6.5V – 18V
Accuracy : better than 1%
Discharging time: 1s-60s steps 1s or infinite (with max 160A)
Discharged Ah measurement: 0.1 – 1000 Ah, 0.4% accuracy