EDI 4000W series Power supply
600V 6A or 300V 12A and their battery charger versions
Short circuit, overvoltage and heat protection

Introduction : this unit operates from the 400V triphase mains, and makes stabilized DC voltage for different loads(electronic apparatus, ohmic loads, batteries) and their combination. The unit can be operated in current generator mode. The output voltage and current controlled with the built-in digital voltage meter, with two line display, and the four buttons. The Min and the Max limits of the user adjustable range, and the steppings are optional for the user (within the total factory range), and are set in the factory. For optional battery charging, Timed charging mode, and Current sense charging mode are available.
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Technical Parameters

Type: EDI 4000W/600 EDI 4000W/300
Output voltage total range: 250V - 750V 150V 400V
Voltage adjusting step grades : 0,18V 0,42V 0,96V 1,98V 4,98V 10,02V 0,1V 0,2V 0,4V 0,8V 1V 2V 5V 10V
Output current total range:
Current adjusting step grades:
0,2A 0,4A 0,8A 1A 2A
Short circuit current:
6 A 12A
Input Voltage:
3 X 400V AC +-10% - 50-60Hz
Input Current maximum:
3 X 11A
Mains Fuse:
3 X 16A (front panel)
Voltage and Current meter accuracy:
better than 1%
Output noise:
Output stability better than:
Operating temperature range:
-20 - +40C.
265mm x 155mm x 375mm
IP class:
IP 20
Ist class (earthing)
(over 50 celsius) ventilator

Safety features:
Protected against short circuit and overheat. In case
it overheats, the output current will be automatically reduced.